Nature And Her Lesson


Nature offers us nectar and ambrosia every day, and everywhere we go

the rose and lily await us. Spring visits us men, says

Gu-do,[FN#277] her mercy is great. Every blossom holds out the

image of Tathagata. What is the spiritual body of Buddha who is

immortal and divine? asked a man to Ta Lun (Dai-ryu), who instantly

replied: The flowers cover the mountain with golden brocade. The

waters tinge the rivulets with hea
enly blue. Universe is the

whole body of Tathagata; observed Do-gen. The worlds in ten

directions, the earth, grass, trees, walls, fences, tiles, pebbles-in

a word, all the animated and inanimate objects partake of the

Buddha-nature. Thereby, those who partake in the benefit of the Wind

and Water that rise out of them are, all of them, helped by the

mysterious influence of Buddha, and show forth Enlightenment.[FN#278]

[FN#277] One of the distinguished Zenists in the Tokugawa period,

who died in 1661.

[FN#278] Sho-bo gen-zo.

Thus you can attain to highest bliss through your conscious union

with Buddha. Nothing can disturb your peace, when you can enjoy

peace in the midst of disturbances; nothing can cause you to suffer,

when you welcome misfortunes and hardships in order to train and

strengthen your character; nothing can tempt you to commit sin, when

you are constantly ready to listen to the sermon given by everything

around you; nothing can distress you, when you make the world the

holy temple of Buddha. This is the state of Nirvana which everyone

believing in Buddha may secure.