Our Conception Of Buddha Is Not Final


Has, then, the divine nature of Universal Spirit been completely and

exhaustively revealed in our Enlightened Consciousness? To this

question we should answer negatively, for, so far as our limited

experience is concerned, Universal Spirit reveals itself as a Being

with profound wisdom and boundless mercy; this, nevertheless, does

not imply that the conception is the only possible and complete one.

We should always be
r in mind that the world is alive, and changing,

and moving. It goes on to disclose a new phase, or to add a new

truth. The subtlest logic of old is a mere quibble of nowadays. The

miracles of yesterday are the commonplaces of to-day. Now theories

are formed, new discoveries are made, only to give their places to

newer theories are discoveries. New ideals realized or new desires

satisfied are sure to awaken newer and stronger desires. Not an

instant life remains immutable, but it rushes on, amplifying and

enriching itself from the dawn of time to the end of eternity.

Therefore Universal Life may in the future possibly unfold its new

spiritual content, yet unknown to us because it has refined, lifted

up, and developed living beings from the amœba to man, increasing the

intelligence and range of individuals, until highly civilized man

emerge into the plane of consciousness-consciousness of divine light

in him. Thus to believe in Buddha is to be content and thankful for

the grace of His, and to hope for the infinite unfoldment of His

glories in man.